Hellbound Photo Negative Mickey is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End of Disney.


Like previous appearances, he appears to be an inverted Mickey Mouse costume. But in a really tattered state. He seems to be all charred, and his colors are Darkened and burned. He's missing the end of his fingers in his left hand, he's missing his left leg, right ear and his nose. He seems to have a hole where his left button should be, and is missing one of his fingers in his left hand. His head has many holes and seems to have a human head or flesh inside his head that has two eyesockets, with a Phantom-like eye in the left eyesocket.


He starts at night 1, and starts moving at 12AM. He's the first Enemy in Appear in the whole game. He moves really fast. He will first appear standing up in CAM 3, with Hellbound Disembodied. Then, he will go to CAM 2, and directly he will enter to the left side of the office. You will have to electrocute him with the left button to make him leave. But notice that you will need to charge the electricity constantly while he's moving, or you will get out of power and will not be able to see cameras or electrocute him, making him easy to kill you.


  • Hitting M on the keyboard in both versions will send him straight to the right office entrance. Just do what you would normally do to get rid of him.
  • He is the first Enemy attacking in game.
  • Hiding under the desk for him has not been tested yet.

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