Night 3 is the third night of Five Nights at Treasure IslandDuring this night it is cut short to 3AM, which the player will be sent to Pirate Caverns, which that is where the Player will have to survive against The Face and Undying. Acephalous and Suicide Mouse will be active on this night.

The original game's creator, Matthew, confirmed that Night 3 is cut short at 3AM, and the player will then be taken to Pirate Caverns.

Phone Call

*Quacks and Interferences* You took it... *Old Style Music* We want it back...(Loud) back...(Echo) *Quacks and Inferences*. 'Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Oh thank goodness this got through. Listen, please. My name is Henry, and I know what's going on. Uh, I can't tell you over the phone. They might be listening. Please, just, if you can hear this, please, meet me in Pirate Caverns tomorrow and tell no one. I promise, I'll tell you everything-

-God and Henry(In original version)

Active Suits

Photo-Negative MickeyOswaldDisembodied, The Face. Suicide Mouse, Pluto and Acephalous will be active from that point on.

In remastered version only active suits are:

Photo-Negative MickeyOswaldDisembodied, The Face. Suicide Mouse and Acephalous will be active from that point on.

Cutscene (Remastered version only)

After beating Night 3 you'll get a cutscene.

A Few Months earlier...

Someone is entering in Character Prep 1, Normal Mickey Mouse Costume is wearing a head, with Butcher Knife, guy is stabed a costume.

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