Night 5 is fifth night in Five Nights at Treasure Island. This night drastically increases the difficulty to hard as most of the characters become active at this point. Henry and MickMick will be active from that point on.

In remastered version God will be appear in end of night and say:

Don't worry. I am not here to hurt you.

But. There is a one reason why i am here.

My name, is God, and i gave life to these suits for a reason.

And it was all part of 1 event, and you know what it is.

Don't remember? Think back, a long way back.

Active Suits

Photo-Negative MickeyOswaldDisembodiedThe FaceSuicide MousePlutoAcephalous, Undying, Photo Negative Minnie. Henry and MickMick will be active from that point on.

In Remastered version Photo-Negative MickeyOswaldDisembodiedThe FaceSuicide MouseAcephalous, Photo Negative Minnie, Ortensia.

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