Wiki Rules

  • Dont harass any other users
  • Dont post any harmful or mean comments. 
  • Do not duplicate images
  • Do not add images which have nothing to do what the wiki is off.
  • Dont troll, vandilize pages.
  • Don't ask Questions to User:Photo-Negaive Mickey  about next updates to FNATI, as he makes the descions to the game.
  • Do not interfere with Threads (e.g Warning threads) or Threads that have nothing to do with you.
  • Do not Minimod.

Chat Rules

  • Don't spam
  • Don't threaten other users
  • Don't mention Suicide (Unless you are talking about Suicide Mouse)
  • RPing IS allowed.
  • Respect the staff
  • Don't advertise other Wiki chats
  • Don't Minimod

RP (Roleplay) rules

  • No gorey RPs
  • No Godmod
  • No sexual based RPs
  • No Puppeteering

Chat Mod rules

  • Do not power abuse
  • Respect the users
  • Give a warning before giving a kick

Admin Rules

  • Dont power abuse
  • Dont Block for no reason
  • Dont kick for no reason
  • Dont keep protecting pages
  • Dont add unnecessary pages, Images

Moderator Rules

  • Only delete unneccesary Blogs or Forum pages

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